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    ZYS On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier
  • Product Name:ZYS On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier
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  • Release time:2020-03-15
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    Product Details


    Transformers with on-load voltage-regulating functions are widely used in power systems. While on-load voltage-regulating devices bring convenience to voltage adjustment, they also add trouble to the maintenance of transformers. Frequent voltage regulation by voltage-regulating devices has accelerated The reduction of the insulating oil performance of the pressure regulating device will seriously endanger the safety of the on-load voltage regulating device in severe cases. ZYS On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier is mainly used for bypass circulating filtering of transformer on-load tap-changer. This device is used in conjunction with transformer on-load tap-changer, and can effectively remove the trace water, metal particles and other impurities from insulating oil in the on-load tap-changer under normal operation of the transformer system, to ensure the breakdown voltage and service life of the oil, reduce the number of power failure inspections, and effectively improve the safety and reliability of the on-load tap-changer. Our company's products are strictly manufactured according to the Ministry of Machinery Industry JB / T5285-2008 standard and the Ministry of Electric Power Industry DL / T521-2006 standard. After using the on-line tap-changer insulating oil online oil purification device, the cleanliness of the insulating oil can reach NAS3 - level 4.

    The device consists of five parts: filter element, oil pump, pipeline, PLC control system, and stainless steel box. Among them, the filter element is divided into two types: a impurity removal filter element and a water removal filter element: the impurity removal filter element is used to adsorb free carbon and degraded impurities, and the water removal filter element is used to remove moisture. The on-load tap changer oil purifier conforms to the transformer requirements of the “Code for Operation of Power Transformers” (DL / T572-95).


    ◆ PLC intelligent control, online automatic operation, extending the switch maintenance cycle and reducing the number of power failure of the transformer.

    ◆ Reliable electric control loop and safety protection system.

    ◆ The dehydration and impurity removal filter adopts imported brands, which can effectively absorb impurities and remove moisture.

    ◆ Automatic alarm for filter element failure or blockage, support remote control and monitoring.

    ◆ The entire stainless control box, oil pipe, flange and flange bolts are made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and waterproof to IP55 or higher.

    Technical Parameter:




    Flow rate



    Filter Accuracy



    Working Pressure



    Filter Temperature





    Inlet / Outlet



    Power Supply


    380V 50Hz 3Ph







    After Purification




    Water Content



    Breakdown voltage



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