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    IIJ-II Breakdown Voltage Oil Tester
  • Product Name:IIJ-II Breakdown Voltage Oil Tester
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  • Release time:2020-03-15
  • 63.8K
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    Product Details


    In the electric power industry, insulating oil is wildly applied in electric equipments. The dielectric strength is a comprehensive index for insulating oil. Series IIJ-II breakdown voltage tester is special for testing insulating oil’s dielectric strength. IIJ-II Automatic oil tester is designed according to international standard of IEC156. Adopts industrial single chip as controller, apply large integrate circuit, new type I/O interface, LCD displayer, combined with special testing and anti-jamming technologies which greatly improve the tester’s performance.

    Technical Parameters:

    1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

    2. Output voltage: 0~100KV (80KV、100KV)

    3. Capacity: 1.2KVA(1.6KVA、2.0KVA)

    4. Speed of pressure rise: about 2KV/S

    5. Voltage test precision: ±3%

    6. Breakdown sensitivity: <2KV

    7. Wave difference: ≤3%

    8. Time of breakdown: ≤10ms

    9. Working condition: temperature: 0℃~40℃   humidity The biggest comparatively humidity85%

    10. Reserve circumstance

    Temperature: -20℃~60℃    humidity The biggest comparatively humidity75%

    Working altitude: <1500m (if over 1500m can be designed specially)

    11. Dimension: 450mm*460mm*460mm   Weight: 40kgs

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