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    BF-01A Open Cup Flash Point Tester
  • Product Name:BF-01A Open Cup Flash Point Tester
  • Views:1615
  • Release time:2020-03-08
  • 63.8K
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    Product Details

    Performance and Characteristics:

    BF-01A Open cup flash point tester is comprised of test oil cup, heating board, furnace, igniter, thermometer holder and paravent, etc. 

    The oil cup is standard test oil cup. The heating board is made of chrome plated steel. The quartz tube furnace has the features of high thermal efficiency, anti-oxidation, anti-oil splash. The test pyrophoric ignition device uses high voltage ceramic igniter, which is widely used in automobile ignition industry with successful and stable experience. Comparing with other electronic igniter, high voltage ceramic igniter is easy to replace and with a long life. The gas from the sweeping stick is controlled by micro regulating valve, so that the test sweep can be stable and the test can be smooth.

    Applicable Standards:

    BF-01A Open cup flash point tester conforms to the standards of ASTM D92 and GB/T3536 (National Standard of People’s Republic of China).

    The flash point or fire point is determined with the Cleveland open cup method. But this test method doesn’t apply to fuel oil and some petroleum products whose open flash point are below 79℃.

    Technical Parameters:

    Working power: AC 220V ± 10% 50 HZ

    Heating power: 0 ~ 1200W continuously adjustable

    Heating sources: gas, butane gas, liquefied petroleum gas

    Sweep motor: 8-10r/min

    Test sweep radius: ≥150mm

    Flame adjust: 3mm (minimum)

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