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    Selection of Base Oil Equipment for Waste Engine Oil

    Release time:2021-07-15 Views:3683 Author:NAKIN

    JZC recovery rate.png

    Waste engine oil includes many types of waste engine oil, which can be divided into diesel engine waste engine oil and gasoline engine waste engine oil according to different engine oil equipment. According to the main source components of engine oil, it can be divided into mineral engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil, and fully synthetic engine oil.

    Mineral motor oil is the remaining oil after extracting gasoline and heavy oil in petroleum. Mineral oil is also a natural oil that contains many impurities. It is much cheaper than semi-synthetic engine oil and fully synthetic engine oil, has poor engine lubricity and has a short service life.

    Semi-synthetic motor oil is located between mineral oil and fully synthetic motor oil. A large number of anti-corrosion additives are added to the semi-synthetic motor oil to improve the stability of the engine oil and oxidize it. Semi-synthetic motor oil is usually the most commonly used motor oil in 4S shops.

    Fully synthetic motor oils are in the three types of motor oils. The one with the best quality and durability is also the most expensive. Family cars usually have a mileage of 10,000-12,000 kilometers without deterioration.


    The traditional waste oil treatment equipment adopts acid washing, alkaline washing and clay refining. This method is relatively traditional. Because pickling and alkaline washing will produce a lot of waste residues, it will cause greater environmental pollution, and the production process will consume a lot of acid, alkali and clay, and the production cost is relatively high. At the same time, this method only has a good decolorization effect on mineral oil waste engine oil, but it is not ideal for semi-synthetic and fully synthetic waste engine oil. The obtained base oil has low flash point and impure oil quality.


    The JZC series of waste engine oil vacuum distillation equipment newly developed by our company adopts vacuum negative pressure high temperature distillation, which can effectively separate gasoline, diesel and lubricating oil from waste engine oil. The base oil produced has a high flash point, and light base oil and heavy base oil are stored separately. The base oil is of good quality and the color is golden and transparent.

    The vacuum negative pressure distillation equipment does not need to use sulfuric acid, the production cost is low, and there is no pollution to the environment. Therefore, we now recommend that customers choose the latest JZC waste oil distillation equipment.

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