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    Vacuum oil purifier apply in industrial lube oil

    Release time:2020-10-01 Views:3172 Author:NAKIN

    Hydraulic oil is mostly used in hydraulic systems, but also for cleaning and testing. The main causes of hydraulic oil pollution are metal powder formed by friction, carbon residue formed by extrusion friction, sludge, moisture, etc. The system has relatively high requirements for oil products Fortunately, within NAS9, the water content is 100PPM.

    Gear oil is mainly used for the lubrication of the gear transmission of heavy machinery. The requirement for impurities is much lower than that of the hydraulic system, and the viscosity of the oil used in different equipment is different. The main causes of pollution are metal powder, sludge, and moisture formed by friction.

    Turbine oil is mainly used in turbine generator sets of power plants, and the main cause of pollution is moisture and impurities.

    Transformers require relatively high water content.

    Water-soluble cutting is mainly oil floating and metal cutting impurities formed on the surface of the workpiece during metal processing.

    Oily cutting fluid and anti-rust oil are mainly metal cutting impurities.

    There are many metal impurities and sludge in wire drawing oil, screw forming machine oil, and quenching oil, and there are many impurities, but the requirements for oil are not high.

    At present, the mainstream of the market is found all over the country, especially in Chongqing. It is mainly aimed at power plants and is the best choice for transformer oil filtration, because it is mainly used to remove trace water and is currently used in the market.

    The principle of the vacuum oil purifier is to transfer the oil through the pump, and then heat the lubricating oil. The heating power is different according to the flow rate, and then it enters the vacuum tank. The reason is that the boiling point of water is 100 degrees, and in a certain vacuum state, the water The boiling point is lowered, the water is evaporated in the vacuum tank to achieve the purpose of dehydration, and then several filters are added to filter impurities. The accuracy of filtration mainly depends on the accuracy of the filter element, but because of the large flow rate, it is basically They all use steel mesh filter elements, and some use chemical fiber filter elements. The filtration accuracy is not high. The main advantage is that it is very good to remove trace water, gas, and trace water. However, a large amount of water is also undesirable. It is evaporated by heating. It is difficult to get rid of a lot of water, theoretically get rid of a little big particle impurities, the disadvantage is that the accuracy is not high, the power consumption is very large, basically between 15KW-200KW, the key is that the heating is not good for the quality of the oil, the heater surface When the temperature is above 800 degrees, it is easy to oxidize the oil and cause the oil to deteriorate.

    Based on the above, it can be proved that the vacuum oil purifier is a good choice for removing trace moisture, gas, and large particles of impurities, such as transformer oil and gear oil.

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