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    China oil filtration and abroad oil filtration

    Release time:2020-06-22 Views:3511 Author:NAKIN

    TPF Cooking oil purifier 1.jpg

    Chongqing is the main production base of vacuum oil filtration in China. Chongqing oil filtration plant can be regarded as the representative of China vacuum oil filtration. Therefore, the general purchase process of oil filtration is usually purchased oil filtration. There are dozens of China oil filtration plants, but the strength of oil filtration plants varies. Some oil filtration plants can be compared with the strength of foreign brand oil filtration machines. The quality and performance of oil filtration machines are comparable to similar foreign products. At the same time the price is more than 1/3 cheaper than similar foreign products. However, there are still a large number of oil filter factory similar to the nature of the workshop, oil filtration research and development and production strength is relatively weak.

    We can compare and analyze China oil filtration and foreign oil filtration from the following aspects.
    1. Theoretical research and analysis. Domestic oil filtration machines have more than begun to imitate the road, slowly combining with domestic needs. Oil filter machines have been improved, but for specialized academic research on oil filtration machines, China does not have a special subject. Therefore, there are relatively few theoretical researches. In this respect, we need to establish a cooperative research relationship between Chongqing oil filtration Factory and various universities and colleges, not only in manufacturing, but also in scientific innovation.
    2. In terms of R & D investment, since most oil filtration plants are small and medium-sized enterprises, there is little investment in oil filtration R & D. At the same time, due to all domestic intellectual property protection issues, many companies are afraid to invest too much money in new product development. However, we also see that under the market economy conditions, the role of the market requires companies to make technological innovations, so some companies are still willing to invest in R & D on oil filtration and have made some progress.
    3. Hardware strength. There are about ten China oil filtration companies with an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan. Compared with larger companies, general enterprises have more complete production equipment and perfect inspection methods. This part of the company has certain hardware strength.
    4. In terms of enterprise management, China oil filtration Factory has really achieved only 5 ISO9001 management systems. Therefore, to develop the enterprise, it is very necessary to follow up the management of the enterprise. This is also the place where Chongqing Oil Filter Factory is currently lacking.

    The development of an industry and an enterprise should not only focus on the immediate benefits. It should have a long-term perspective. After the investment, there must be output. China oil filtration need to be bigger and stronger, and there is still a long way to go.

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