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    NAKIN Double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

    Release time:2020-06-20 Views:3228 Author:NAKIN

    NAKIN two-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier, ZYD two-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier can quickly and deeply remove harmful components in the oil such as water, gas and impurities in the transformer oil, improve the insulating performance of the oil, after filtering The oil can effectively ensure the safe and normal operation of electrical equipment. ZYD two-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier is widely used in power stations, substations, and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises to filter various insulating oils, such as transformer oil, transformer oil, switching oil, cable oil and so on. It is especially suitable for the deep treatment of high-grade transformer oil and ultra-high transformer oil. It can be used for live operation of substations above 110KV. This machine has the functions of vacuum drying and vacuum oil injection. At the same time, it can be used as a separate vacuum extractor for vacuuming transformers and power equipment.

    Features of NAKIN dual-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier:
    1. Two-stage high vacuum system, large pumping speed, high working vacuum.
    2. Adopt two-stage vacuum separation chamber and high-efficiency oil atomizer to increase the separation area and separation time to ensure that the oil's dryness and pressure resistance value are greatly improved at one time.
    3. Double stereo flash, combined with unique and efficient dehydration and degassing components, can quickly and effectively separate the water and gas in the oil.
    4. Multi-stage precision filtration system, combined with molecular adsorption filtration and mesh filter element.
    5. The new high-efficiency electric heating system has low heating load, uniform heating and low energy consumption.
    6. Using automatic infrared liquid level controller, pressure protection system, simple operation, safe and reliable.
    7. The interlocking protection device of the whole machine is adopted, and the heater, the oil pump and the liquid level controller work together.
    8. The transformer can be dried online and vacuum filtered online.
    9. High performance oil pumping system, stable oil output under high vacuum, low noise.
    10. Photoelectric foam sensor, automatic defoaming function, to prevent oil injection and oil running.

    The comparison between NAKIN Double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier and other brand oil purifier plants is mainly reflected in the vacuum separation tank. Our company uses a double horizontal separation tank. The transformer oil is flashed twice in the vacuum separation tank and dewatered twice. Separation tank-1 separation area utilization rate can reach 95%, separation tank-2 separation area utilization rate can reach 50%. For the vertical separation tanks of other brand plants, the tank can only be separated at more than 1/2 of the tank body, and the bottom needs to deposit oil, so the separation area is much smaller than that of our company, and the separation area utilization rate is less than 50% .
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