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    Hydraulic oil purifier for injection molding machine

    Release time:2020-05-29 Views:2867 Author:NAKIN

    The injection molding machine generally has the main components of the injection device, the mold clamping device, the frame, the gearbox, the hydraulic and electrical systems, and so on. In the injection molding process, there are rotation of mechanical equipment, linear motion, spiral motion, kinetic energy conversion of hydraulic equipment and heat energy exchange of electric heating equipment. During the movement, many devices need to use lubricating oil. Such as lubricating oil of gear transmission, lubricating oil of injection box, lubricating oil of mold clamping part, lubricating oil of base part, etc. The injection molding machine mainly uses No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is used as the working medium of the hydraulic transmission. In addition to transmitting energy, it also protects the metal of the moving parts of the lubricating element from corrosion. In particular, the current hydraulic technology continues to develop toward high pressure, integration, and miniaturization. With the application of electronic technology,

    The reliability, sensitivity, stability and service life of the hydraulic system put forward higher and higher requirements. Therefore, the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine should use hydraulic oil with good performance and high cleanliness.

    After the hydraulic oil is used for a period of time, due to the sealing problem, the moisture in the air will gradually be mixed into the oil. At the same time, the wear of mechanical parts, some impurities such as iron filings, etc. are mixed with the moisture oil under high temperature and high operation conditions. Will emulsify, blacken and other phenomena. Loss of lubricating oil has performance. In this way, we need to purify the hydraulic oil of the injection molding machine. Generally, we use vacuum oil filter, TYA series injection molding machine hydraulic oil purifier, which specially handles qualified hydraulic oil and effectively removes water, gas and impurities from the oil. Restore oil usage characteristics. TYA hydraulic oil purifier, has been widely used in the treatment of injection molding machine lubricants. For large injection molding machine companies, it is very necessary to purchase a hydraulic oil purifier,, not only to save oil costs, but also in the environment Today's increasingly strict protection is also an environmental protection measure.

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