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    Turbine oil emulsification causes and treatment methods

    Release time:2020-05-14 Views:1687 Author:NAKIN

    Turbine oil is a kind of lubricating oil, which mainly plays the role of lubrication and cooling in mechanical equipment. Turbine oil is also called TSA steam turbine oil, and is divided into several grades of 32, 46, 68 and 100 according to the ISO viscosity grade. Why do turbine oils need to be filtered after being used for a period of time? Because turbine oil emulsification means that oil and water are mixed together and the lubricating oil loses its lubricating properties. There are three general reasons for emulsifying oil in turbines: moisture, emulsifiers and high-speed stirring. Moisture is an important cause of oil emulsification. During the operation of the turbine unit, due to the loose shaft seal of the unit, the leakage of the steam seal, the poor quality of the lubricating oil, the vacuum of the bearing box and the oil tank, and many other factors. It is the main cause of water influx in turbine oil systems. At the same time, the installation and operation of the unit did not meet the equipment cleanliness requirements, and the presence of dirt and impurities will also affect the quality of the turbine oil.

    The emulsification of turbine oil and water is also related to the performance of additives in the oil. Most of the antioxidants and rust inhibitors added to turbine oil have certain surface active compounds or mixtures. The molecular structure of these substances generally has lipophilic non-polar groups, although they are soluble in oil but not soluble in water. But at a certain speed, the polar group has a certain affinity for water. When the steam turbine unit rotates at high speed and the oil and water are fully stirred to form an emulsion, these hydrophilic polar groups have the opportunity to fully affinity with water. When the affinity is great, it will be firmly combined with the water. At the same time, since the lipophilic non-polar group can be dissolved in the oil, the water and the oil are combined by the action of this substance, and the water cannot be separated from the oil at this time, that is, emulsification occurs.

    After the turbine oil is emulsified, we should filter it in time. Usually, the filtering equipment includes centrifugal oil purifier, coalescing oil purifier, and vacuum oil purifier. Various oil purifier have different advantages and disadvantages. Among them, we mainly recommend customers to buy vacuum oil purifier, because the price is not high, and at the same time, the vacuum oil purifier can not only remove most of the water in the oil, but also remove micro water. The water content of the treated oil can reach less than 100PPM. NAKIN TY series turbine oil purifier is a kind of vacuum oil purifier, especially suitable for processing emulsified turbine oil.

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