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    Introduction of multi-function oil purifier

    Release time:2020-05-08 Views:695 Author:NAKIN

    There are many types of oil purifiers, including portable precision oil purifier, plate and frame pressure oil filters, centrifugal oil filters, vacuum oil filters, and various oil purifier with different functions and advantages. Today we accept a multi-functional oil purifier
     of our company, which combines the advantages of vacuum oil purifier dehydration, degassing and the advantages of plate and frame type oil purifier to remove impurities and large dirt holding capacity. Plate and frame oil filters are used separately or can be combined into one, with flexible functions. Mainly deal with unqualified mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, turbine oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial lubricants, which can quickly and effectively remove water, gas, impurities and volatiles (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia gas) in the oil Etc.), restore oil viscosity, flash point and other performance indicators. After treatment, the lubricating oil has a low emulsification value, very little water content, and high cleanliness. It can be reused repeatedly in high-precision hydraulic lubrication equipment at home and abroad. It is suitable for the purification and regeneration of various lubrication in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries.

    The advantages of the equipment:
    1. Flexible function, according to the needs of use, vacuum oil filter and plate oil filter can be used alone or combined into one.
    2. The water separator adopts polymer coalescence material as medium, which integrates demulsification, dehydration and impurity removal.
    3. Three-dimensional three-dimensional double flash evaporation technology, combined with unique and efficient dehydration and degassing components, can quickly and effectively separate the water and gas in the oil.
    4. The new high-efficiency electric heating system heats the dead oil-free area, the heating surface load is low, linear heating, prevent oily cracking, and even heating.
    5. Automatic control: The whole machine adopts automatic heating constant temperature control, automatic oil level control of inlet and outlet, automatic pressure protection, etc. and sophisticated configuration to realize unattended equipment, safe and stable operation
    6. Safety interlock protection: oil pump, vacuum pump, heater interlock protection, motor overload protection, pipeline oil pressure overpressure protection.
    7. Automated design, and there are indications of oil temperature, pressure, vacuum degree, filter element pollution degree, operating status, etc.
    8. This machine has the advantages of low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high oil filtering efficiency and long service life.

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