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    Vacuum oil filter improve oil breakdown voltage

    Release time:2020-04-30 Views:1852 Author:NAKIN

    Moisture, gas and impurities are several factors that affect the breakdown voltage of insulating oil. The higher the withstand voltage is, the safer it is for electrical equipment. Insulating oil is a common insulating, arc extinguishing and cooling medium for electrical equipment. In order to ensure that it has good performance during operation, it must be regularly tested, especially the pressure test. The withstand voltage test of insulating oil is carried out in a dedicated breakdown voltage tester, which includes a porcelain or glass oil cup, two disk electrodes with a diameter of 25 mm (should be smooth, without scorch marks). During the test, pour the oil sample into the oil cup, and then put the electrode so that the two electrodes are 2.5 mm apart. The test should be conducted in a room with a temperature of 10 to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.

    Generally, the new insulation oil has a pressure resistance between 35kv-55KV. When I purchase new transformer oil, we generally need to test the voltage resistance of the transformer oil. If it fails, the most effective way is to use vacuum filter oil. The machine filters the transformer oil, and the filtered oil can generally reach more than 65KV.

    The vacuum oil filter adopts the vacuum negative pressure principle, which can effectively remove the micro water and micro gas of the oil, and then remove the impurities in the oil through the high-precision oil filter, so the filtered oil pressure value will be greatly improved. Chongqing NAKIN Company provides transformer oil vacuum oil filter and insulation oil pressure tester. If there is any need, please feel free to contact us.

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