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    Safety protection function of oil purifier

    Release time:2020-04-27 Views:1800 Author:NAKIN

    The complete safety protection device that the oil purifier can be equipped with, especially under the unattended working environment, the safety protection autocracy is essential.

    1. Constant temperature control to protect the oil from heating at a constant temperature within a set temperature range.
    2. Motor overload protection, oil pump, vacuum pump, Roots pump of oil purifier unit all have motor overload protection alarm function.
    3. The filter element is blocked and protected. The oil purifier sets the maximum working pressure of the filter element. After the pressure is exceeded, the oil purifier will alarm and stop.
    4. Pressure protection, the oil purifier set the highest working pressure, protect the pipeline, the tank works within a certain pressure range.
    5. In and out oil product balance protection, the oil purifier is equipped with float or radio and liquid level switch to control the in and out oil balance to avoid oil running.
    6. The oil level and heater interlock protection to ensure that the oil filter heater is not empty.
    7. Missing phase, wrong phase sequence, prompt input power line sequence, over current and over voltage protection.
    8. Low oil level alarm protection, if the position is too low, the oil filter will automatically stop and protect after oil leakage.

    Chongqing NAKIN Oil Purifier has decades of oil filter manufacturing experience and first-class oil purifier technology manufacturing capabilities.

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