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    Factors affecting the price of vacuum oil purifier

    Release time:2020-04-22 Views:1419 Author:NAKIN

    Usually we will receive a lot of customers inquiries about the price of vacuum oil purifier. Ordinary customers often do not know the specific configuration and specific requirements of vacuum oil purifier, but simply consult the price of the vacuum oil purifier, especially for some middlemen customers. Inquiry, without knowing the scope, requirements and performance of the vacuum oil purifier, it is often difficult for vacuum oil purifier manufacturers to report an accurate price to customers. Generally affect the price of vacuum oil filter because it can be seen from the following aspects.

    First: Vacuum oil filters are divided into two categories according to the types of oils they handle. The first category deals with lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and turbine oils, usually lubricating oil vacuum filter or turbine oil Vacuum vacuum oil purifier, another kind is to deal with insulating oil, such as transformer oil, switch, cable oil, etc., we are usually called transformer oil vacuum oil purifier. In the transformer oil vacuum oil purifier, according to the different levels of vacuum source, it can be divided into single-stage vacuum oil filter and double-stage vacuum oil filter. Different types of vacuum oil purifier are different in design and configuration, so the cost is different, the price is different.

    Second: According to the different processing capacity of the vacuum oil purifier per hour, the flow rate of the vacuum oil purifier machine is from 600 liters per hour to 18000 liters per hour, or even a larger flow rate. , The size of the tank, the size of the pipe, and the size of the filter element are all different. Therefore, the price of machines with large flow rates is generally higher.

    Third: According to the use requirements and performance of the vacuum oil filter, if the vacuum oil purifier can be used with higher requirements, it can be equipped with imported vacuum pumps, imported oil pumps, imported brand filter elements, and can also be installed with PLC control. The system realizes the complete intelligence of the vacuum oil purifier. The cost of such a vacuum oil purifier is much higher than that of the ordinary domestic-made vacuum oil purifier. Generally, when bidding for power plants, the technical requirements for vacuum oil filters are relatively high.

    Fourth: According to the user's payment, installation and commissioning, packaging and transportation, there will be some differences in the price of filter oil. For example, if some large-scale real oil filter equipment needs debugging and training, the cost of vacuum oil purifier is usually about 2000 yuan more expensive.

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