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    Vacuum oil purifier control electrical appliance knowledge

    Release time:2020-04-20 Views:1022 Author:NAKIN

    The main control appliances of vacuum oil purifier include the following:

    Total air switch: It is the power input switch of vacuum oil purifier. According to the capacity of the oil purifier, different sizes of air switch are selected. The air switch is 3P type. The general domestic brands are Delixi, Chint, and the imported brands are ABB, Schneider, Siemens, etc.

    Separate air circuit breaker: mainly for the air switch of vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps, oil pumps, heaters, Roots pumps and other main pumps, and the air circuit breakers of different current sizes are used for the pump motor size. The control circuit of the vacuum oil purifier is separate Opening is 1P air switch.

    AC contactors: heaters, oil pumps, vacuum pumps, Roots pumps are equipped with AC contactors.

    Thermal relay: It is mainly a motor protection relay configured for the oil pump, vacuum pump and roots pump motor of the vacuum oil purifier.

    Time relay, intermediate relay: According to the control design requirements of vacuum oil filter, there will be different intermediate relays.

    Buttons and indicator lights: control the starting components on the control panel of the vacuum oil purifier.

    Temperature control: The vacuum oil purifier is generally equipped with an intelligent temperature controller. The temperature control probe has K index and PT probe.

    Pressure transmitter: If a digital pressure gauge is used, it is generally necessary to use a pressure transmitter. The vacuum oil purifier generally uses a mechanical pressure pointer gauge.

    PLC control: According to some application requirements, if PLC control is required, a PLC panel and controller can be added.

    The above is the vacuum oil purifier as long as it controls the electrical appliances.

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