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    Problems with the oil purifier heater

    Release time:2020-04-14 Views:1731 Author:NAKIN

    There are generally two types of heating methods for oil purifier. One is to use a heat exchanger to heat it. However, due to low heating efficiency and high production cost, it is not used in large quantities on oil purifier. The other is radiant electric heating. Ordinary oil purifier uses electric heating tube, which is a kind of heating element that transforms electric energy into heat energy. It is made of stainless steel as the shell, and the fused magnesia as the insulator, and the built-in heating wire generates heat. Its working principle is: After the electric heating wire is energized, it generates heat energy, which is insulated by fused magnesia and conducts heat through the all-metal shell, and then the heat is absorbed by the heating medium. In order to increase the heat dissipation area of the metal tubular electric heating element, which can increase the unit power and prolong the service life, some heating tube surfaces have special cooling fins, and the surface load can be designed to 2W / cm2.
    During the use of the oil filter, the two extreme cases are as follows:
    First, the oil to be treated cannot be heated. It may be that the heating power is insufficient, or too much oil is processed, the heating efficiency is slow, and the heat energy is emitted in the air after heating. In this case, we can configure an external heater or choose an oil filter with a higher heating power. Second, the oil is found to be black during the heating process. This may be due to the heating temperature being set too high or the heater being short-circuited, causing the oil to carbonize. This should stop immediately, check and find out the problem.

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