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    Introduction of oil immersed transformer

    Release time:2020-04-07 Views:1303 Author:NAKIN

    Oil immersed transformer is a new type of high performance transformer with more reasonable structure and better performance. The coil of oil immersed transformer is immersed in oil. Oil-immersed transformers are generally installed indoors or outdoors in separate transformers due to fire protection requirements. They have the characteristics of large size, low cost, simple maintenance, good heat dissipation, strong overload capacity, and wide adaptability to the environment. The three-dimensional coiled iron core has three-dimensional arrangement of equilateral triangles. There is no air gap in the magnetic circuit, and the winding is tighter. The three magnetic circuits have the same length and are the shortest. The area is closer to a circle, so the performance is further improved, the loss is reduced, the noise is reduced, the three terms are balanced, and the third harmonic component is reduced. This product is more suitable for urban and rural, industrial and mining enterprise grid transformation, and more suitable for combined transformers and pre-installed Substation transformers.
    Classification of oil-immersed transformers
    1. Non-enclosed oil-immersed transformers: There are mainly S8, S9, S10 and other products, which are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture and civil buildings.
    2. Enclosed oil-immersed transformers: There are mainly S9, S9-M, S10-M and other series products, which are mostly used in places with many oil pollution and multiple chemical substances in the petroleum and chemical industries.
    3. Sealed oil-immersed transformers: mainly BS9, S9-, S10-, S11-MR, SH, SH12-M and other products, which can be used for power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, civil buildings and other places.
    NAKIN company provides vacuum transformer oil purifier, which specializes in filtering transformer oil. The breakdown voltage of the treated oil is greater than 65KV.

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