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    Lube oil Purifier demulsification

    Release time:2020-04-03 Views:1477 Author:NAKIN

    Lubricating oil must have three necessary conditions to form an emulsion: one must have two liquids that are incompatible (or not completely compatible) with each other; the other is that emulsifiers (surfaces that can reduce interfacial tension) must be present in the two mixtures Active agent) exists; the third is to have the energy to form an emulsion, such as strong stirring, circulation, flow and so on. Moisture, intense agitation, and emulsifiers can all cause lubricant emulsification. Among them, the presence of water and vigorous stirring are the main reasons for the emulsification.
    1. The presence of water in engine oil will accelerate the aging and emulsification of the oil; at the same time, it will act with the additives in the oil to promote its decomposition and cause the equipment to rust, so the main reason for finding the water in the lubricating oil is to find the oil The main reason for emulsification.
    2. Air is dissolved in the oil, especially at high temperature, it will accelerate the oxidative deterioration of the oil. During the operation of the air compressor machine, the naphthenic acid soap, colloid and other substances generated due to the gasification and deterioration of the oil are emulsifiers, which makes the oil easier to emulsify.
    3. The emulsification of engine oil is also related to the performance of additives in oil products. Engine oil additives (such as antioxidants and rust inhibitors) are mostly compounds or mixtures with a certain surface activity.
    4. Lubricating oil usually plays a lubricating role in the gear box. The movement of gears and mechanical parts causes the lubricating oil to be constantly stirred. If there is excess water and impurities, it is easy to form emulsification.

    For emulsified lubricating oil, the effective treatment method can be through the lubricating oil vacuum oil purifier, which can effectively separate the water in the lubricating oil and completely solve the emulsification problem.


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