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    Introduction of commonly used hydraulic oil purifier

    Release time:2020-03-30 Views:2056 Author:NAKIN


    Hydraulic oil is the most heavily used industrial lubricant, 46 # and 68 # are the most commonly used. The presence of water in the hydraulic lubrication system will cause the oil to oxidize, deteriorate the oil, reduce the thickness of the oil film, reduce the lubricity, cause the oil to degenerate and polymerize to form macromolecules, change the oil viscosity, form organic acids, and then corrode metals Surface, reducing or losing the quality of the oil. The traditional coalescing oil filter can only take out oil products with large water content, and is used for oil product purification treatment that does not require high water content indicators. In combination with a coalescing oil filter and a vacuum oil filter, the coalescing dehydration process first removes a large amount of water in the oil when processing oil with large water content, so that the water content in the oil falls within the national standard range, and then The micro-water in the oil was quickly removed through a vacuum separator. Compared with the traditional coalescence separation oil filter or a single vacuum oil filter, it is an improved product. It can effectively remove particulate impurities, emulsified water and free water in the oil without damaging the quality of crude oil. For oils containing a large amount of water, the separation effect is particularly significant.


    TYA hydraulic oil purifier, hydraulic oil vacuum purifier, mainly deal with unqualified industrial oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, turbine oil, refrigerating machine oil and other industrial lubricants, can quickly and effectively remove the water in the oil, Gases, impurities and volatiles (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, etc.), restore oil viscosity, flash point and other performance indicators. The treated lubricant has low emulsification value, very little water content, and high cleanliness. It can be used again and again in high-precision hydraulic lubrication equipment at home and abroad. Suitable for all kinds of lubrication purification and regeneration treatment in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries.

    hydraulic oil purifier Features:
    1. The water separator uses high-molecular coalescing material as the medium, which integrates emulsification, dehydration and impurity removal.
    2. Super-large-area cylindrical precision filter element, with high filtering accuracy, large dirt holding capacity, easy installation and replacement. The multi-stage filtering system removes fine particles in the oil step by step, and the magnetic pre-filter at the oil suction port adsorbs the iron-containing fine impurities.
    3. The three-dimensional three-dimensional compound flash technology, combined with unique and efficient dehydration and degassing elements, can quickly and effectively separate water and gas in oil.
    4. New high-efficiency electric heating system, heating without dead oil zone, low heating surface load, linear temperature rise, preventing oil cracking, even heating.
    5. Automatic control: The whole machine adopts automatic heating and constant temperature control, automatic liquid level control for oil inlet and outlet, automatic pressure protection, and sophisticated configuration to achieve unattended equipment and safe and stable operation
    6. Safety interlock protection: oil pump, vacuum pump, heater interlock protection, motor overload protection, pipeline oil pressure overpressure protection.
    7. Automatic design, and there are indications of oil temperature, pressure, vacuum degree, filter element pollution degree, running status and so on.
    8. This machine has the advantages of low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, small operating cost, high oil filtration efficiency and long service life.


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