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    Oil Filtration Machine rust problem

    Release time:2020-03-30 Views:1062 Author:NAKIN

    Many companies now have oil filtration equipment, and stainless steel materials are expensive, so the main material of ordinary oil filtration is carbon steel, regardless of vacuum tanks, pipes, etc. There are several reasons for rusting during the use of a vacuum oil filtration.
    1. Before leaving the factory, due to the manufacturing process, the surface treatment of the oil filter is not in place. In some places, especially the dead corner of the steel has not been polished, the paint protection is not in place, and it is easy to rust when exposed to humid and high temperature environments.
    2. The oil filter pipe is an iron pipe. If the inside of the pipe is rusted, it cannot be handled during the production process, so rust will occur.
    3. After use, the user will place the oil filter in a hot and humid environment for a long time, especially in coastal areas. The salt content in the air is relatively large, so long-term storage will cause rust.
    4. In the process of use, the topcoat will be rusted when it is not sprayed in time.

    Therefore, we recommend that the vacuum oil filtration must be placed in a dry and cool place when the vacuum oil filter is not used for a long time. This is an effective and basic method, and if you can do it effectively, you can effectively prevent rust. In this environment, even if the machine is stored for a long time, it will not rust. The machine can be wrapped with adhesive tape or other coverings, so as to prevent sunlight and moisture and the ash layer from corroding the machine. This is also an effective way to store a vacuum oil filter. If the above two methods do not work, we can use them in combination. At this time, we can paint a layer of oil, such as lubricating oil, on the surface of the oil filtration, which can effectively block the possibility of corrosion of the machine.


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