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    Oil injection of vacuum pump during operation of vacuum oil filter

    Release time:2020-03-29 Views:1484 Author:NAKIN

    The vacuum pump is one of the main components of the vacuum oil filter. It provides a vacuum source for the vacuum oil filter and draws out the air inside the oil filter. Many customers always spray oil and liquid from the vacuum pump during the operation of the vacuum oil filter. There are several reasons for the vacuum pump injection:
    1. Vacuum pump oil is required in the vacuum pump for lubrication and air isolation. Due to the special working environment of the vacuum oil filter, the water in many oils has not cooled and settled in the cooler, and has not been pumped out by the vacuum pump. Water vapor has been deposited in the vacuum pump oil and mixed with the vacuum pump oil. The maximum lubricating oil level specified by the ultra-multi-vacuum pump, so the extra oil is ejected by the vacuum pump.
    2. During the maintenance of the vacuum pump, the user adds too much vacuum pump oil, and the extra vacuum pump oil is sprayed out during the operation of the oil filter.
    3.During the working process of the vacuum oil filter, due to too much moisture in the oil being processed, during the initial heating process, oil and water form oil foam under high vacuum environment, and the foam is higher than the suction port of the vacuum oil filter and is sucked in. Vacuum pump.
    4. Oil filter is a vacuum pump fuel injection caused by its design quality problems.

    Choose NAKIN oil filter, rich oil filter manufacturing experience, to prevent vacuum pump injection.

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