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    Why Double-stage vacuum oil purifier uses roots pump

    Release time:2020-03-28 Views:1427 Author:NAKIN

    For most vacuum oil purifier, only vacuum pumps, so-called foreline pumps, are used. Because ordinary oil purifier do not require much vacuum and vacuum pumping speed. But for a vacuum oil filter that handles transformer oil, he is pursuing a large pumping speed and high ultimate vacuum. Generally, the general pumping volume of ordinary vacuum pumps is relatively large, which is 200 cubic meters per hour, so if a large pumping speed is pursued, the vacuum pump alone cannot meet the requirements. Roots vacuum pumps make up for the shortcomings of vacuum pumps. Roots pump is a kind of vacuum pump without internal compression. Generally, the compression ratio is very low, so high and medium vacuum pumps require a foreline pump. A vacuum pump that realizes pumping by moving a pair of vane-shaped rotors in the pump cavity in a synchronous, reverse-rotating pushing action. Roots vacuum pump refers to a mechanical vacuum pump with a pair of sole-shaped rotors that rotate synchronously and at high speed. This pump cannot be pumped separately. The front stage must be equipped with an oil seal, a water ring, etc., which can directly exhaust the atmosphere.

    The ultimate vacuum of the roots pump depends not only on the structure and manufacturing accuracy of the pump, but also on the ultimate vacuum of the foreline pump. In order to increase the ultimate vacuum of the pump, Roots pumps can be used in series.

    NAKIN company recommends the use of the company's ZYD, ZJA series of Double-stage vacuum oil purifier, with high pumping speed, high ultimate vacuum, and can handle high-grade transformer oil well.

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