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    Development of vacuum oil purifier technology

    Release time:2020-03-25 Views:1550 Author:NAKIN

    For ordinary users in China, the first choice for purchasing oil purifier is domestic brand oil purifier. Among them, Chongqing oil purifier is famous for manufacturing vacuum oil purifier. Chongqing basically covers more than 80% of China's vacuum oil purifier output.

    In addition to china making oil purifier, what other countries are making oil purifier? Compared with china oil purifier technology, is it better than us or worse than us? How many years is the gap advantage? Which countries oil purifier price and performance are relatively better, simple is which countries' oil purifier is cost-effective?

    First of all, let's tell you which countries are making oil purifier. In addition to China, there are oil purifiers produced in India, Japan, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, and the United States. For example, the famous Pall oil purifier, Kato oil purifier, ABB oil purifier and so on. The oil purifier technology is not complicated, and the oil is mainly purified through physical methods. So there are many countries that can make oil purifiers.

    As an example, PALL oil filter is one of the foreign oil purifier brands that entered the country earlier. Now many power plants and working conditions companies have PALL oil oil purifier, especially the phosphate ester oil purifier are more common. Then ABB oil purifier, because ABB company manufactures high voltage, ultra high voltage transformer, so oil purifier is a transformer must be a product. ABB oil purifier appears more in the power system, especially for insulation filtering, insulating oil purifier.

    The domestic oil purifier technology originated in the early 1990s. Due to the reform and opening up, various industries in China have entered a high-speed development, and industrial supporting facilities have also developed accordingly. Our Chinese oil purifier mainly introduces Japanese oil purifier technology and ABB oil purifier technology. Due to the wisdom and diligence of the Chinese people, the oil purifier products have developed rapidly. No matter the technology or quality, they have gradually caught up with European and American oil filter machines. Especially for the Chinese market, the price of domestic oil filters is only half of the price of foreign machines, so 80% of the domestic market has domestic brands after 2000.

    Although the technical content of the oil purifier is not high, in the high-end market of oil purifiers, many domestic brands have not entered the oil purifier, because the market competition is fierce, and domestic brands do not pursue high performance. There is not much investment in continuous technology updates. At the same time, Chinese people do not know enough about domestic brands at the high end, and they have limited pricing for domestic brands within a certain range, which also limits the motivation for oil filter companies to improve and upgrade their technology.

    Our company does not forget its original intention and pursues the oil filter technology and quality. The vacuum oil filter has entered the CHINA NATIONAL POWER COMPANY UHV and other projects, and is completely side by side with the ABB oil filter.

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