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    Introduction of oil filter element

    Release time:2020-02-20 Views:1436 Author:NAKIN

    Filter element for vacuum oil filter: glass fiber filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper, wood pulp filter paper;

    Features: Made of single-layer or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material, the number of layers and the number of meshes that make up the mesh depend on different conditions and uses, high concentricity, high pressure resistance, good straightness, stainless steel, Without any burrs to ensure long service life.

    It is industrially applied in the process of distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration in the rough filtration and fine filtration of insulating oil, lubricating oil, and fuel oil. There are a variety of models and specifications for installation and replacement; convenient and fast, small initial pressure difference, and long cleaning cycle. .

    The oil filter element is divided into two categories according to its installation position and function, one is primary filtration, and the other is fine filtration.

    Primary filter element: Generally installed in the oil suction pipe of the oil filter or directly installed in the fuel tank is a necessary measure to protect the hydraulic pump, its accuracy is generally 50 ~ 100μm, depending on the self-priming capacity of the pump to determine the flow resistance Too large causes cavitation of the hydraulic pump. It mainly protects the oil pump.

    Fine filter element: generally the pipeline that is darkened behind the oil pump, also called pressure line oil filter element, not only protects its downstream components, as the main oil filter to ensure the degree of system oil pollution, through its efficient purification of the oil, It also plays a very good role in protecting the hydraulic pump. The filtering accuracy is 1-10 μm. The filter is subject to high pressure and vibration is also very harmful. The permissible pressure difference of the pressure oil filter element in the pressure line ranges from 0.3 ~ 0.7MPa. As a pressure line oil filter for ground equipment, comprehensive consideration of cost and installation space can be large.

    Each oil purifier manufacturer's filter element specifications are different, but a filter element mainly has a filtering area and filtering accuracy. The filtration area is mainly reflected in the amount of dirt that is absorbed by the filter oil. The larger the filtration area, the greater the dirt absorption of the filter element, and the longer its service life. Filtration accuracy and filtration area are inversely related to the life of the filter element. The higher the accuracy, the smaller the filtering impurities, the shorter the life of the filter element, and the more easily the filter element becomes clogged. Oil cleanliness is positively related to filtration accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the larger the beta value of the filter element, indicating the better the filtering effect of the filter element.

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