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    Introduction of vacuum pump and application on oil purifier

    Release time:2019-12-10 Views:1321 Author:NAKIN

    A vacuum pump refers to a device or equipment that uses a mechanical, physical, chemical, or physical-chemical method to evacuate a pumped container to obtain a vacuum. Generally speaking, a vacuum pump is a device that uses various methods to improve, generate, and maintain a vacuum in an enclosed space. According to the working principle of vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps can basically be divided into two types, namely gas capture pumps and gas transfer pumps. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

    Commonly used vacuum pumps include dry screw vacuum pumps, water ring pumps, reciprocating pumps, slide valve pumps, rotary vane pumps, roots pumps, and diffusion pumps. These pumps are essential main pumps in the application of vacuum processes in various industries in China's national economy. 

    The introduction of the vacuum pump oil used in the oil purifier machine. For the general oil filter machine, there are two development processes of the vacuum pump oil. The first process is before 2015. The oil filter industry generally used 2X series belt two-stage selection vacuum pumps because of this Vacuum pumps are cheap, simple in process, and durable, so they are widely used. However, due to the rise in material costs and the continuous improvement of domestic manufacturing processes, customers are also demanding better equipment appearance. Since 2015, most oil filter manufacturers have adopted direct single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps. Compared with 2X series vacuum pumps, the vacuum degree is basically the same, the machine is smaller, lighter, and the external light is more refined. In the past, foreign brands that were only equipped with luxury equipment, such as LEYBOLD, BEKER, and other Germany vacuum pumps, can now be replaced by domestic brands.

    The other is the water circulation vacuum pump. This pump has a large amount of air, but the ultimate vacuum cannot keep up with the rotary vane vacuum pump. Therefore, the water circulation vacuum pump is generally used to handle oil filters with a relatively large water content, and the vacuum is not high. Or use with roots pump.

    Chongqing NAKIN Oil Purifier Machine selects different vacuum pumps according to different customers and different requirements to achieve the best product for customers.

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