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    Requirements for vacuum degree

    Release time:2019-10-09 Views:1328 Author:NAKIN

    Oil purifier is basically the oil filtering equipment that every industrial enterprise needs. Whether it is electricity, petrochemical, or machinery manufacturing, different industrial oil products are used. The vacuum oil filter is widely used. When the equipment is used or in use, we will find some problems. Today, we mainly introduce the problems related to the vacuum degree of the vacuum oil purifier.

    When it comes to the degree of vacuum, then the vacuum oil purifier can be divided into two kinds, one is the lubricating oil vacuum oil purifier. The vacuum system of this type of oil purifier is mainly composed of a rotary vane vacuum pump. Generally, the ultimate vacuum can reach 100Pa The working vacuum on the oil filter is generally maintained at -0.08 to -0.095MPa. Since the lubricating oil is less requirements of moisture content than the insulating oil, the general vacuum pump configuration is not particularly large, and the temperature of the lubricating oil can usually be heated to 80 degrees, so the vacuum requirements are not as high as the insulating oil. Therefore, the lubricating oil vacuum filter generally maintains between 0.08 and -0.095MPa to meet the requirements of dehydration and degassing.

    For the insulating oil filter, here we focus on explaining the two-stage vacuum oil filter. Taking the ZYD two-stage vacuum oil purifier of NAKIN Company as an example, the equipment is equipped with a rotary vane vacuum pump and a roots vacuum booster pump. .The ultimate working vacuum of the equipment reaches 5Pa, and the working vacuum reaches 100Pa. If a mechanical pointer vacuum meter is used, it reaches -0.0999MPA. Because transformer oil has extremely high moisture requirements, less than 10PPM is required. Requirements. At the same time, the temperature is controlled within 60 degrees, so that the transformer oil will not be damaged. At the same time, high vacuum degassing effect is also very good. NAKIN bipolar vacuum oil purifier is also equipped with a double horizontal vacuum tank, with a separation area that is twice that of ordinary oil filters, and the separation effect is 3-5 times that of ordinary oil filters.

    Generally, the oil filter uses a mechanical vacuum gauge. This vacuum pump can only display the relative vacuum roughly. For the highly demanding two-stage vacuum oil purifier, we recommend equipped with a Pirani digital vacuum gauge, which can usually display an accuracy of 1Pa.

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