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    Oil purifier life issues

    Release time:2019-08-23 Views:1519 Author:NAKIN

    How can we extend the life of the oil purifier? The service life of the oil purifier can generally reach more than 10 years. If the maintenance is not carried out in accordance with the rules, the service life of the equipment will be greatly shortened, and even after a few years, the equipment will malfunction. If the equipment is replaced, the replacement of the equipment is not a small cost. In fact, most of the equipment does not have a long life. Such reasons are artificial. As long as the equipment can be well maintained, it can be used for some equipment in the same situation. Use 5-8 years or more.

    (1) Reasonable maintenance. To thoroughly implement the relevant specifications of oil purifier maintenance, promote TPM activities for all staff if necessary. It turns out that as long as the maintenance is good, the depreciation period of 5-8 years is very conservative, and the equipment can be used longer. For example, some equipment manufactured in Germany and Japan decades ago are still used in many factories. Why? On the one hand, the quality of the equipment is reliable and sophisticated, on the other hand, the maintenance of the maintenance staff is in place.

    (2) Reasonable transformation of equipment. One problem is that long use and economic use are two different things. Long time equipment can't work with precision and speed. In the end, it might as well not use this old equipment. Our company accepts many customer transformation examples. Some companies have other reasons for using the oil filter after purchasing it from other companies. There are also reasons for the quality of the oil purifier itself. The machine has continued to malfunction after 1-2 years of operation, such as some transformers. During the filtering process of the oil filter, the gas content in the oil is constantly rising, because the original heating system has problems, and the user may often dry the heater, which does not strictly follow the operating procedures, causing extremely practical damage. In the three major parts, vacuum pump, oil pump, and roots pump, in good condition, we have remodeled the equipment, and the equipment has exceeded the original equipment performance after the transformation.

    (3)Economics of transformation. However, some equipment transformation design freight, pre-maintenance costs, etc., if calculated that the transformation is not as good as buying new equipment, then buy new, so pay attention to the economics of transformation.

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