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    Plate and frame oil purifier solutions

    Release time:2019-07-30 Views:1380 Author:NAKIN

    Plate and frame oil purifier is a very commonly used oil filter equipment. Due to the low price, high efficiency of filtering impurities, and low cost of consumables, many customers like to purchase Plate and frame oil purifier. Some problems in the use of Plate and frame oil purifier are analyzed as follows:

    The first case is: spraying occurs between the filter plates. If this problem occurs during the operation of the half frame oil filter, the possible reasons are:

           1.The lateral beams on both sides show different degrees of lateral bending (horizontal direction);

           2.The thrust plate is not pressed or the pressing force of the hydraulic cylinder is too small;

           3. On the pressing surface of the filter plate frame, the filter paper is folded;

           4.The filter cloth is damaged;

    Generally, the simple way to solve this problem is to rinse the filter plate in time, and carefully clean the remaining filter cake (especially the lower part) on the pressing surface of the filter plate when unloading to ensure the cleaning of the pressing surface of the filter plate; The cloth is tied well to ensure its flatness.

    The second case is that the filter plate is damaged and the filter plate of the box pressure filter is a common failure. If the number of damaged filter plates is large, the following factors should be analyzed:

    1. Whether the selection of the material of the filter plate and the lift of the feed pump match;

    2. In checking the diaphragm pressing method, the amount of diaphragm oil filter and the processing quality of the internal steel lining should be considered at the same time;

    3.Is there any problem with the quality of the filter plate?

    Normally, the pressure on both sides of the filter plate is in equilibrium. When the two sides of the filter plate are in different filtering stages, that is, one side is filtering, and the other side is hydraulically squeezed, a pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter plate, which will cause damage to the filter plate.

    This problem usually occurs because:

     1.The feed hole of the filter plate is blocked;

    2. During the unloading process, there is an excessive amount of sludge left on both sides of the filter plate; this is the cause analysis and the main solutions of the two main situations that NAKIN has experienced during the machine test and personnel to factory debugging for many years. Everyone is welcome to consult NAKIN Company, we sincerely rest assured.

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