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    Precautions for vacuum pump

    Release time:2019-03-15 Views:613 Author:NAKIN

    The first  general vacuum pump, which is domestically produced. The vacuum pump used on vacuum oil purifier, because the vacuum pump is pumping, and the condenser may not be able to completely condense the water vapor, so after using it for a period of time, there will be a certain accumulation of water in the vacuum pump. However, this accumulation of water is unavoidable. The consequence of water in the vacuum pump is that the oil seal performance of the pump is reduced, and the lubrication performance of the vacuum pump oil is reduced. Pump wear increases, pump body heats up severely, and efficiency decreases. Reduced service life. So the first thing we should pay attention to is that the vacuum pump oil must be replaced after a period of use. The vacuum pump oil here is not an ordinary lubricating oil, but a special vacuum pump oil is required. At the same time, the refueling amount must be below the red line of the observation cabin, about a third.

    If the vacuum pump is not used for a long time, be sure to completely exhaust the vacuum, otherwise the pump gas phenomenon will occur. If pump radon occurs, we must turn the knob next to the pump (the picture shows the 2X series selection pump), and radon is usually accompanied by the accumulation of water. After removing water and gas, turn the knob on, and Start the vacuum pump. At this time, do not fully tighten the knob and continue to deflate, because some gas is trapped between the gears. This will make the vacuum pump work again.

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