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    Why filter element of the vacuum oil purifier is often blocked

    Release time:2019-03-05 Views:1496 Author:NAKIN

    After using the vacuum oil purifier for a period of time, especially if the filtered oil has a lot of impurities, the filter element will be blocked, and this situation is very frequent. As the use time increases, sometimes it will cause filtration. The oil pressure of the oil machine is too high. This is a general situation. In severe cases, the vacuum oil filter will be stopped immediately and cannot work. The oil filter is equipped with an overpressure protection device.

    And because the filter element is often blocked, the filter element needs to be removed and cleaned every time it is used, which causes very troublesome use. Is there no way to solve this problem? In fact, it is not. If the filter element is often blocked and the machine has been bought back, then the volume of the filter element cannot be changed. At this time, the method we can take is to replace the filter element with low filtration accuracy, then this time it can be significantly reduced. The number of times the filter element is blocked, but this comes at the cost of reduced filtration accuracy.

    At the same time, before filtering, the oil can naturally settle for 2-3 days. Generally, the bottom of the oil tank contains water and impurities. Before filtering by the oil filter, the impurities in the bottom of the oil tank are drained in advance. This can greatly reduce the chance of oil filter plugging.

    Another solution is to change the filter element with the same accuracy and larger specifications. This has the advantage that we can change the filter element only after a long time. Because the area of filtration has increased a lot.

    The initial filtration of the machines currently produced in our factory adopts quick disassembly of the flange, so it is relatively easy to disassemble, so it is not so troublesome to clean the filter element.

    If the filtered impurities are very large, then we have another solution is to use a centrifuge to filter, this technology does not need to clean the filter element, and each time the impurities can be excluded from the machine, but the price is relatively high. What to do if the filter of the vacuum oil filter is often blocked, there will be many ways to teach everyone in the future.

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