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    Why do insulating oils and lubricants need filtration?

    Release time:2019-02-10 Views:884 Author:NAKIN

    The main function of the vacuum Oil purifier is to remove water, impurities, and gases. Regardless of the insulating oil or lubricating oil, it needs to be processed by the Oil purifier. If the insulating oil is mixed with moisture, the impurity gas will easily lose the insulation performance, cause low voltage breakdown, and will seriously harm the power transformer and cause a power outage. Lubricating oil lubricates moisture impurities, easily emulsifies, loses lubricating performance, mechanical wear, and reduces design life.

    Therefore, the Oil purifier has a certain standard for oil filtration. At the same time, this set of standards is also an important standard for measuring the quality of an Oil purifier.

    First, the precision of the oil filter's impurity removal, because as long as it is a filter oil product, there must be the option of impurity removal, and the degree to which impurities can be removed is an important indicator for measuring an oil filter. Generally, the filtration accuracy of the filter element is an important indicator to ensure the filtering effect. Usually, the primary filter element of the oil filter adopts a 50 micron level, and the fine filter needs to reach 5 micron and 1 micron to ensure that all fine particles are completely removed.

    Second, the accuracy of the water removal of the Oil purifier. As long as water is mixed in various oil products, if it is lubricating oil, it will become emulsified and lose its lubrication performance. If it is an insulating oil, if the moisture content is too much, it will cause the oil to lose its insulation performance and cause serious accidents. Insulation oil and lubricating oil have different requirements for water content standards. Generally, the insulation oil requires less than 10PPM, and the lubricating oil reaches 100PPM even if it is a national load standard. The oil filter insulation produced by our company can guarantee less than 5PPM, and the lubricating oil reaches 50PPM, which exceeds the national standard.

    Third, the efficiency of the Oil purifier to remove water and impurities. The single-stage filtering effect of the bipolar vacuum oil filter is 3-5 times that of the single-stage oil filter, so the general large power equipment requires a two-stage vacuum oil filter.

    Fourth, the safe running time of oil filter and the length of maintenance time. If a machine is used too much, it will definitely need to be repaired, but the repair period of a good machine is definitely relatively longer, and some filters If the oil machine runs for a few days and one or more of these problems occur, then this oil filter must be unqualified.

    After decades of development,NAKIN Oil purifier company has rich experience in manufacturing vacuum Oil purifier. The product performance is excellent. Welcome customers and friends to consult.

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