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    How to maintain the vacuum oil purifier daily

    Release time:2018-10-16 Views:759 Author:NAKIN

    How is the vacuum oil purifier routinely maintained? Although it is a very simple question, if you master this little trick, you can ensure the normal operation of the machine and make the machine last longer. These little common sense are very useful, and do not require special attention The big cost, as long as we usually pay a little attention, can make my vacuum oil filter work better.

    First, pay attention to the oil purifier when you use it. Be sure to turn off the heater before stopping, and ensure that the oil temperature is reduced to about normal temperature before shutting down.

    Second, check whether the motors and electrical appliances can work normally when starting up. If problems are found, they need to be repaired in time.

    Third, remember to keep the machine in a cool, dry place when not in use for a long time. If possible, you can use canvas to cover the dust, and absolutely avoid placing it in a high temperature and humid place.

    Fourth, clean the filter regularly. If it is used for a long time, we need to replace the filter element to ensure the filtering effect.

    Fifth, regularly check the machine for electrical leakage and whether the link is loose. Replace nuts, screws, seals and other objects in a timely manner. So that we get the state of the machine at all times.

    Sixth, if the vacuum oil purifier is used after long-term storage, the vacuum pump and the roots pump must be replaced first to ensure that the vacuum pump and the roots pump are not damaged due to the failure of the lubricant.

    The above is a little common knowledge of how to maintain the vacuum oil purifier daily. Although simple, it is very practical.

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