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    Why lube oil purifier is recommended to use TYA series

    Release time:2018-10-16 Views:771 Author:NAKIN

    Lubricating oil is an important product that must be used on various mechanical devices, machinery and equipment, automobiles, airplanes, and gas units. It plays a role in lubricating and cooling machinery and protecting machinery and equipment. Generally, as long as it is used in machinery and equipment, lubricants must be used, because if the lubricant is not used, the wear between various equipment is quite serious, resulting in the failure of mechanical equipment to work properly, the life of mechanical equipment is seriously reduced, and even equipment may appear Necrosis, severe and may even cause accidents. At this time, lubricants come in handy. However, after using the lubricant for a period of time, a lot of impurities and moisture will enter, and since 2013, the lubricant is also included in the scope of national tax collection, so the price of various lubricants will definitely skyrocket. Therefore, the reuse of lubricants has become an important means to reduce production and maintenance costs. The first thing the lubricating oil filter should deal with is the impurities in various lubricating oils, which is relatively easy to handle. As long as the accuracy of the filter element can meet the requirements, this is generally not a problem, but our general lubricating oil purifiers We recommend the use of TYA series vacuum oil purifier, why? Because lubricating oil generally contains a large amount of water, it is commonly known as emulsified oil. This moisture will seriously affect the performance of the lubricating oil, and the general treatment method cannot solve the problem of emulsified water safely and effectively. Therefore, we recommend the use of TYA lubricating oil purifier. This type of vacuum oil purifier is equipped with Highly efficient heating system. At the same time, it has automatic temperature control, which can stably heat the emulsified oil. Generally heated to 60 degrees, the moisture can be removed in a vacuum state, and because the heating temperature is low and the time period, it can effectively protect the oil properties and prevent secondary damage to the oil. At the same time, in view of the possible situation that the emulsified oil contains free water, the general lubricating oil filter is equipped with a water separation filter element, which can achieve the efficient removal of free water in the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil purifier produced by our company uses 19 The glass fiber water separation filter can efficiently remove free water from the oil.

    The following is the form after oil emulsification. If you meet friends in this situation, we recommend using our TYA lubricant oil purifier.

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