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    Necessity of transformer vacuum oiling

    Release time:2018-08-29 Views:1433 Author:NAKIN

    If the insulating oil is not degassed by a vacuum oil filter before being injected into the transformer, after the transformer is put into operation, due to changes in the internal temperature and pressure of the transformer body, the dissolved gas in the insulating oil is gradually released, and air bubbles will appear in the oil or on the solid insulating surface. The dielectric constant of the bubble is much larger than that of the insulating oil. The breakdown voltage is lower than the breakdown voltage of the insulating oil. During the operation, the bubble is more prone to partial discharge, and frequent discharge will continue to damage the insulation of the transformer. If the dissolved gas in the insulating oil reaches a certain level, a large amount of gas will be released during operation. These gases will not only cause the gas relay to operate, but also may form a gas bridge along the direction of the electric field, causing internal breakdown of the transformer and seriously threatening the transformer. safe operation. Among the gases contained in insulating oil, acetylene is a special gas. Since acetylene can only be generated at a high-energy discharge of 700 degrees (2 or more), it becomes an important basis for judging the spark discharge or arc discharge failure inside the transformer. During the refining process of oil, acetylene gas will be generated. If the insulating oil is not degassed before the transformer is put into operation, it will seriously affect the judgment of the internal discharge failure of the transformer.

     NAKIN vacuum oil filter unit can heat the insulating oil under vacuum state. First, it can achieve the properties of the oil product, because the oil is only heated to 70 degrees in the process of dehydration, and because the vacuum oil filter unit can vacuum negative pressure, more It is beneficial to remove the gas in the oil. At the same time, when the vacuum oil filter sprays oil, the oil is sprayed on the tank wall, which can effectively crush the oil, thereby more effectively removing various gases in the oil. The solubility of gas in oil decreases with increasing temperature, that is, the process of heating the vacuum oil filter can also remove some of the water in the oil, thereby removing water from the oil in many ways.

    Chongqing NAKIN Company specializes in manufacturing various types of vacuum oil filters. The dehydration and degassing are clean and efficient. Customers and friends are welcome to come to consult.

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