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    Realize the intelligence of oil purifier

    Release time:2018-06-15 Views:1446 Author:NAKIN

    4G is already very common. Everyone can feel the changes brought from 4G. If 4G brings great changes to personal life. Then the upcoming 5G can be said to bring greater changes, especially changes in industry. Due to the greatly improved transmission efficiency, 5G can achieve remote real-time control. So 5G will have a very big change in industrial automation remote control.

    Due to the specialization of oil purifiers, some initial contact, or the use of oil purifiers from different manufacturers for the first time, the training of operators will cost a lot of money, travel costs, and staff costs. If 5G technology is applied, can oil filtration be achieved? Online remote real-time control of the machine, with the help of 5G technology to achieve great changes in oil purifier operation and maintenance, manufacturers can operate the oil filter without arriving at the scene. So intelligence will also change the oil filter.

    The future development of the oil purifier should be more complete, easier to operate and more convenient to use.

    Several major concepts of the oil purifier in the future. First, the oil purifier will definitely have more intelligence in the future. For example, the on-line on-line switch insulated oil purifier has a very small volume and works very intelligently. It can be used for several months. Management, fully automatic operation, only regular maintenance is required. During the work process, the machine can determine the working mode on its own according to the actual working conditions, daily scheduled operation, etc.

    In the future, I think that the oil filter can also detect the nature of the insulating oil and solve the problem of the insulating oil in a timely manner.

    However, such a control system is relatively expensive now, and I think it can also work hard to reduce the price of products.

    It is an indisputable fact that the oil purifier will be more intelligent in the future. NAKIN COMPANY specializes in the production of various types of oil purifiers. Welcome to consult.

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