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    Vacuum oil purifier solenoid valve application

    Release time:2018-04-11 Views:1645 Author:NAKIN

    Solenoid valve. It is an important part to realize the automatic control of the liquid level of the vacuum oil purifier. The solenoid valve is usually controlled by the signal of the oil switch and is usually installed at the oil inlet of the oil purifier. When the liquid level of the vacuum separator is too high or too low, the solenoid valve can be directly opened and closed by the liquid level switch to ensure the liquid level balance. All the vacuum oil filters of Chongqing NAKIN Mechanical and Electrical Company use solenoid valves to automatically control the oil inlet. Because the solenoid valves work frequently, the quality of the solenoid valves must be excellent.

    Automatically control the specific process. For example, the pipeline installed by the solenoid valve on TYA is at the oil inlet line. If the oil level at the bottom of the vacuum tank is lower than the lower liquid level, the solenoid valve is opened and oil is started, and the oil level is higher than the upper liquid level. The solenoid valve is closed and the oil supply is stopped. This is the function of the usual solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is actually a valve, but this valve is controlled by a control circuit, not by a person. At the same time, the installation of the solenoid valve on the oil filter must be level, because the electromagnetic closure depends on gravity. If it is not installed horizontally, it may cause the valve to fail to close. The voltage of the solenoid valve must be the rated voltage of the solenoid valve. If the voltage is too low, it will cause the solenoid valve to fail to operate. If the voltage is too high, it will cause the solenoid valve to overload and burn for a long time. If it is too high, the coil will not be able to dissipate heat in time and burn out. If explosion protection is required, an explosion-proof solenoid valve must be used. Or replace our solenoid valves with other explosion-proof pneumatic and electric valves, because the solenoid valve in our province relies on the electromagnetic principle. If leakage occurs in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, it will be very dangerous. The above are the precautions for the solenoid valve of the oil filter. NAKIN Oil purifier specializes in the production of various types of oil filters. Welcome customers and friends to consult.

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