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    Application of explosion-proof vacuum oil purifier

    Release time:2017-05-23 Views:1414 Author:NAKIN

    A class of electrical equipment used in locations where explosive gases and vapors are present. Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and power production often encounter various explosion-hazardous gases and vapors. Where these media are present, appropriate explosion-proof electric appliances are properly selected in accordance with relevant codes, standards, and regulations, so that Prevent the explosion of surrounding explosive mixtures. It is an important measure to ensure safe production and prevent explosions and fires. Explosion-proof signs and technical data are usually necessary on explosion-proof appliances to avoid misuse. Explosion-proof vacuum oil purifier are usually used in the above places, and different from ordinary oil purifier, they use explosion-proof motors and explosion-proof electrical appliances to ensure safe operation of the product. The general technical indicators are as follows:

    Applicable conditions:

    1. Altitude: less than 1000 meters;

    2. Ambient temperature: -37-+ 41 ℃;

    3. Ambient humidity: The average relative humidity is 58%.

    Performance requirements:

    1. Capacity: 30L / min;

    2. Filtration accuracy: less than 5um;

    3. Water content of processed oil: less than 30ppm;

    4. Oil impurities after treatment: less than 5um;

    5, equipped with explosion-proof motor, voltage 380V; explosion-proof level of the whole machine: EXdIIBT4;

    6. Distribution control cabinet;

    7. Noise: no more than 70dB from 1 meter;

    8. Seals, oil pumps and vacuum pumps use well-known domestic brands;

    9. Filter element: stainless steel housing, imported polymer filter material;

    10.Stainless steel ball valve;

    11. The inlet and outlet oil pipes use acid-resistant, pressure-resistant, temperature-resistant transparent PVC steel wire reinforced hoses

    12, with quick connector connection; the whole machine can be moved;

    13. On-line oil purifier, can be operated Unattended.

    Provide technical information of vacuum oil filter:

    Packing List;

    Certificate of conformity (including all parts);

    Test, inspection records and inspection reports;

    Instruction manual (including operation and maintenance precautions, common faults and solutions);

    5. Equipment assembly drawing, outline dimension drawing and nozzle table;

    6. Seal details;

    7. Electrical diagram of the whole machine. Free on-site commissioning and training operators to use the oil purifier.

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