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    Influence of ash in power insulating oil

    Release time:2017-05-10 Views:1421 Author:NAKIN

    The ash is mainly the particles formed by the electric field force after a long time operation of the oil product. The ash content of the transformer insulation oil and oil product in the power system testing equipment runs to improve the use efficiency.

    (1) Ash can be used as an indicator of oil refining and normal washing. For example, when acid, alkali and white clay are used for purification, the slag removal and purification are not complete, and the residual salts and soaps will increase the ash. Therefore, measuring the new oil ash can roughly judge the refining situation. It is a control indicator of new oil. Recycled oil is also required for ash, which can determine whether the residues and soaps have been removed.

    (2) When the ash content in the oil is high, it will affect the oil quality performance, such as deteriorating the lubrication performance and reducing the insulation performance.

    (3) When the insulation oil and turbine oil used in the power system are deeply aged during operation, the ash content will increase slightly. So rising ash is also a symbol of oil ageing.

    Application fields of insulating oils: Liquid insulating media such as insulating oils need to test the dielectric loss angle and volume resistivity, such as using the MS101Y insulating oil dielectric loss tester.

    1. Extinguish the arc. The arc that occurred in the contact when the brake was pulled out quickly extinguished.

    2. Insulation. The poles of the switch are insulated from each other, and the conductive part of the switch is insulated from the fuel tank.

    3. Anticorrosive. Prevent the switch contacts from contacting with the air, and avoid contact oxidation.

    4. Heat dissipation. The heat from the contact part absorbs the oil and quickly dissipates the heat through the convection of the oil in the tank. Due to the small amount of oil, the oil-less circuit breaker only has the function of arc extinguishing. Its shell is generally charged and must not be touched.

     The two-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier can quickly remove the moisture, gas and impurities in the insulating oil, and harmful components in the oil such as acetylene, hydrogen, etc., improve the insulation performance of the oil, and can effectively ensure the safe and normal operation of power equipment. This machine adopts the principle of vacuum negative pressure, introduces the latest German three-dimensional three-dimensional flash evaporation technology, thin film evaporation technology, and adopts multi-stage precision filtration to reliably remove harmful substances such as moisture, impurities and gases in unqualified oil, and quickly restore oil Product performance meets oil standards.

    1. PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation and dynamic display can be selected according to user's requirements.

    2. Optional imported online moisture detector and breakdown voltage tester.

    3. Optional refueling gun, ordinary flowmeter and digital flowmeter.

    4. The body structure can be made into mobile, fixed and trailer type.

    5. Enclosed body can be made into fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, open, canvas canopy.

    6. The body color can be equipped with blue, green, white and so on.

    7.Imported foam sensor can detect foam in oil in time to prevent oil running and operate safely online.

    8. The body can be used with BZ insulation oil regeneration device to achieve the functions of acid removal, decolorization, free carbon removal, and reduction of dielectric loss.

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