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    Method for measuring moisture in oil

    Release time:2017-03-30 Views:1441 Author:NAKIN

    In the process of oil filtration and purification, is there any reliable instrument that can monitor the water in oil in real time online, so what is the working principle?

    The micro water detector transmitter measures the water content in the oil according to the water activity (aw), and the method for determining the water activity is as follows: The water activity indicates the oil content with a ratio of 0-1 aw. According to this ratio, 0 aw indicates that the oil is completely free of water, while 1 aw indicates that the oil is saturated with water. Water is free. The biggest difference between the water activity (aw) measurement method and the traditional absolute water content (unit: ppm) is that the saturation point remains stable, regardless of the type of oil, oil degradation, and the use of additives. If the water activity in any system exceeds 0.9 aw, there is a danger of decomposition (especially if the temperature drops). When the water activity exceeds 0.9 aw, free water is likely to appear in the system, and an alarm will be issued at this time. The biggest advantage of this system is that the water activity is not affected by oil aging and additives. The transmitter can be used for continuous online measurement. In addition, the calibration is based on the salt solution without the need to reference the oil.

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