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    Relationship between oil purifier and column temperature

    Release time:2017-03-26 Views:1156 Author:NAKIN

    There are many influencing factors on the column temperature change. Generally, the column temperature used on the vacuum oil purifier is around the average SARS or lower than the ignorance of analysis. If the boiling range is wide, the column temperature is gradually increased by using a program heating method. But as far as the gas objects for detecting the latent fault of the transformer are concerned, because they are all low boiling point gas ignorance, the column temperature is above its boiling point, which is convenient for analysis at room temperature or below 50 degrees.

     If the column temperature is increased, the mass transfer rate between the mobile and stationary phases can be improved; this process is accelerated, which is beneficial to improve the column efficiency, but another aspect of the column temperature will increase the viscosity between the gas phase molecules and spread The effect increases, which reduces column efficiency. Therefore, while increasing the column temperature, it is necessary to appropriately increase the carrier gas flow rate so that adverse factors are suppressed and favorable conditions are exerted.

    In addition, at the same time, the increase of the column temperature on the vacuum oil filter will deteriorate the selectivity of the column, that is, the two pairs of materials that have just separated will be inseparable if the column temperature increases. Possibly a low column temperature will allow the sample to have a larger ratio of partition coefficients, so that the selectivity is better, but a lower column temperature will increase the analysis time.

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