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    On-load tap-changer maintenance and regular oil filtration

    Release time:2017-03-25 Views:570 Author:NAKIN

    The insulating oil used in the insulation and cooling of the voltage regulating on-load switch of the transformer. After the on-load switch works a lot, the insulating oil is prone to generate moisture and impurities. Therefore, the insulating oil inside it needs to be filtered regularly. At the same time, the oil leakage of the on-load tap-changer (you can use the oil filter of the on-load tap-changer oil filter or the on-load tap-changer oil purifier specially for the on-load tap-changer to handle this situation) is the exception of multiple faults, as shown Some typical faults are also common, and some faults are directly related to the success or failure of the voltage regulation of the on-load tap-changer, and the harm to the safe operation of the transformer cannot be ignored. Here we need to emphasize that inspection and maintenance of the on-load tap-changer In order to suppress the failure of the on-load tap-changer, the operation and maintenance personnel should pay attention to the following situations.

    1. Improve the quality of installation and maintenance. Before installation or maintenance, you should be fully familiar with the technical information provided by the switch manufacturer and the structure of the on-load tap-changer to prevent errors such as not knowing the structure and fixing the fixed contacts to be stuck. During the installation or maintenance, you must pay attention to The concentricity of the mechanical coupling prevents mechanical seizure and broken shafts caused by eccentricity. Reliable low-voltage electrical components are used to operate the mechanism erroneously. The door of the operation box should be tightened to prevent water and moisture. In particular, check for insidiousness. Oh Fook generates tension to the tap selector, and this inspection should be performed after the on-load tap-changer is lifted and fixed, otherwise the lead is likely to generate a large tensile force on the tap selector insulation frame.

    2.Use the on-load switch oil filter to filter the switch oil regularly to remove the moisture and impurities in the oil. Make sure the switch works normally and stably.

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