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    Vacuum oil purifier Online monitoring device

    Release time:2017-03-24 Views:840 Author:NAKIN

    The oil purifier can purify the oil products to effectively remove the harmful substances in the oil. Especially for the gas treatment of insulating oil, when does it needs to be treated, and what is the effect after the treatment, there are some different views on the promotion and application of the online monitoring device for gas in oil on vacuum oil filters. One view is that the line monitoring value on the vacuum oil purifier monitors H2. Although some devices can also notify the monitoring of CO, it cannot determine the full composition of the characteristic gas. It is not a real DGA technology and cannot be used by enemy laboratories. Chromatographic results. Because the latter has been widely used in China, even if it is alarmed by H2 online monitoring, it can only rely on the test results of laboratory DGA. In order to get a diagnostic report that guides the equipment maintenance management to adopt the corresponding measures. Another opinion is that H2 online detection continuously detects H2 or CO abnormalities, reflecting the precursor of possible failure of the oil or solid insulation inside the device. Can advance alarm. However, only the online monitoring devices of H2 and CO have limitations in diagnosing faults, so the development and application of multi-component online monitoring devices are applicable.

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