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    How does vacuum oil purifier treat hydraulic oil?

    Release time:2017-03-01 Views:1509 Author:NAKIN

    Waste hydraulic oil is mainly hydraulic oil with high anti-wear and anti-oxidation requirements for hydraulic system, transmission system and lubrication system. After a long period of use, impurities, water and other contaminated oil will be produced during normal use. A common hydraulic pressure is a mineral oil without any additives. Although this oil has been included in the classification, it is not used in hydraulic systems. Because of its poor stability and easy foaming, this oil has a short service life in hydraulic equipment. Specification of hydraulic oil, HL hydraulic oil is made of neutral base oil with higher depth and anti-oxidant and anti-rust additives. HL hydraulic oil can be divided into six grades of 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, and 100 according to the kinematic viscosity at 40℃. The use of new hydraulic oil, HL hydraulic oil is mainly used for the lubrication of bearing boxes, low-pressure circulation systems or similar mechanical equipment circulation systems of various machine tools with no special requirements for lubricating oils and ambient temperatures above 0℃. It can be used more than twice as long as mechanical oil. This product has good rubber sealing adaptability, and its maximum use temperature is 80℃.

    The vacuum oil purifier is used to deal with the impurity moisture and black colloidal particles in the waste hydraulic oil to improve the anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties of the oil. Reduce oil cleaning, lubrication and other functions.

    Precautions for maintenance of hydraulic oil: 1. Keep the hydraulic system clean and remove sludge and metal filings in the oil tank in time. 2. Perform oil change according to the oil change reference index. During the oil change, all parts of the equipment should be cleaned to avoid impurities and other impurities from mixing into the oil, which will affect the use effect. 3. During storage and use, the container and refueling tools must be clean to prevent the oil from being contaminated. 4. This oil is mainly suitable for hydraulic oil pumps with steel-steel friction pairs. When used for hydraulic oil pumps with friction materials of other materials, the oil pump manufacturer or the oil supply unit must recommend the applicable oil pump load limit for this product.

    Hydraulic oil is used in medium-low pressure hydraulic systems with large ambient temperature changes. The oil has good anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties, and a viscosity index improve is added on the basis to make the oil have better viscosity-temperature characteristics. Due to the small amount of this oil, it has not been vigorously developed so far, so it will not be described in detail here.

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