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    Oil Purifier delivery acceptance process

    Release time:2017-01-25 Views:1542 Author:NAKIN

    1 Supervision basis

    The oil purifier shall comply with the provisions of (1995) No. 37 of the Interim Provisions on Quality Supervision and Construction of Large Power Equipment, and the Regulations on the Work of the General Representative Group of Large Power Equipment Manufacturing Plants, as well as relevant national regulations.

    2 Supervision method

    Document testimony, on-site testimony, and shutdown are pending inspection, that is, points R, W, and H. After the completion of the supervision, the supplier and the supervision representative must perform the signing procedures on the witness form. Three copies were made by the supplier, and one was made by the supervisor.

    3 Supervised content

    No. Project content Supervision method H W R

    1 Welding inspection report and water pressure test √

    2 Appearance inspection and performance test of the whole machine √

    Note: H—downtime pending inspection, W—site witness, R—document witness, quantity—inspection quantity

    4 Requirements for suppliers to cooperate with supervision

    (1) The equipment supervision project and inspection time shall be notified to the purchaser's supervisory manufacturer representative and the purchaser 10 days in advance. The supervision project and method shall be determined by the supplier, the purchaser's supervisory manufacture representative, and the acquirer.

    (2) The supervising representative of the purchaser and the purchaser have the right to check (borrow) the relevant standards, drawings, data, processes and inspection records (including inter-inspection) of the contract and the equipment (oil filter) of the contract through the relevant departments of the supplier. Records), if the buyer considers it necessary to make a copy, the supplier shall provide convenience.

    (3) If the purchaser's personnel finds that the oil filter equipment and materials are defective or do not meet the required standards during the construction process, the purchaser has the right to make comments and the supplier takes corresponding improvement measures to ensure the quality of the equipment. Regardless of whether the purchaser requires and knows, the supplier shall actively provide the purchaser with major quality defects and problems in the manufacturing process of the contract equipment in a timely manner, and shall not conceal them. The supplier shall not deal with it without the knowledge of the buyer.

    4 Performance acceptance test

    4.1 The purpose of the performance acceptance test is to check whether all the performance of the contract equipment meets the requirements of Chapter I.

    4.2 The location of the performance acceptance test is determined by the contract, and is generally the site of the acquirer.

    4.3 Performance test time: The oil filter test is generally carried out within six months after 72 + 24 hours of trial operation. The specific test time is determined by the purchaser; the test of the single oil filter is negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

    4.4 The performance acceptance test shall be chaired by the purchaser and the supplier shall participate. The test outline is provided by the purchaser and determined after discussion with the supplier. If the test is performed on-site, the supplier shall cooperate in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 4.7 of this chapter; if the test is performed in the factory, the human and material resources required for the test shall be provided by the supplier.

    4.5 Contents of manufacturing, installation and performance acceptance tests

    4.5.1 Material test: The material shall provide the non-destructive test data of the purchaser according to the standard test.

    4.5.2 Factory test

    The supplier performs all necessary factory tests.

    4.5.3 Field test

    a. After the oil filter equipment is completely installed, the buyer shall carry out the necessary tests and carry out according to the acceptance standards.

    b. When these tests are performed, the supplier sends someone to the scene to help guide the solution of the defects exposed by the tests. Until you pass.

    c. The performance acceptance test is an on-site test: the oil filtration accuracy meets the relevant standards for performance guarantee values.

    Standards and methods for performance acceptance tests

    The performance test acceptance plan is prepared by the supplier and confirmed by the buyer.

    4.7 The installation of the measuring points, primary components and local instruments required for the performance acceptance test shall be provided by the supplier and the participants shall cooperate. The supplier shall also provide the technical and personnel cooperation required for the test.

    4.8 Cost of performance acceptance test

     The cost of 4.7 in this chapter and the supplier's test are already included in the total contract price. Other costs, such as the test being performed on site, shall be borne by the purchaser; it shall be included in the total price of the contract with the supplier's factory.

    4.9 Confirmation of performance acceptance test results

     The performance acceptance test report is prepared by the testing unit. The report concludes that both buyers and sellers should acknowledge.

    When performing a performance acceptance test, one party is notified of the other party ’s test notice without sending someone to participate in the test, which is considered as consent to the oil filter equipment acceptance test results.

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