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    The oil result After the Transformer oil purifier treatment

    Release time:2017-04-06 Views:1638 Author:NAKIN

    After long-term use of the transformer insulation oil, the oil product will change, and it will contain moisture, impurities, and colloidal granularity. At the same time, the breakdown voltage and the dielectric loss of the oil will have an impact. Therefore, it is necessary to use a vacuum oil purifier to reduce the breakdown voltage performance of the oil product.

    The main factors affecting the breakdown voltage of oil products are: 1. Moisture is the most common and most sensitive booty affecting the breakdown voltage. Because water is a polar molecule, it is easily stretched under the action of electric field forces and aligned along the direction of the electric field, thereby forming a conductive "small bridge" between the two poles, even if it contains a trace of water. A conductive bridge will also be generated immediately, connecting the two poles, causing the breakdown voltage to drop sharply. For example, the water content of new oil in the range of 0.01% to 0.02% makes it saturated, but it is such a small amount of water that can make the oil The breakdown voltage drop is very low. In addition to water, oil often contains other stolen materials, so the relationship between water content and breakdown voltage cannot be expressed by a formula. In addition, the size of the breakdown voltage depends not only on the water content, but also on the state of the water in the oil. For example, the same water content can reduce the voltage to varying degrees. Water in the emulsified state usually has the greatest influence on breakdown voltage, followed by dissolved water. 2. The influence of temperature on the breakdown voltage depends on the presence of impurities and moisture in the oil. It does not contain impurities, and the dried and moisture-free oil has little effect on the breakdown voltage at normal temperature. This is because at a certain field strength and temperature, the oil molecules themselves are not easily cracked, that is, they are not easily ionized (but when the temperature increases to a certain degree, the oil molecules themselves are ionized due to the cracking surface, and as the temperature increases, The viscosity of the oil product is significantly reduced. The electrons and ions generated by ionization, due to the reduced force, accelerate the movement speed, causing the oil product to be broken down, and the breakdown voltage is significantly reduced.

    Improve the breakdown voltage performance of the transformer oil to ensure the normal use of the oil. The principle of vacuum dehydration and separation is used to quickly and effectively remove impurities inside to ensure the purity of the oil.

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