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    Gear oil purifier machine function

    Release time:2017-03-24 Views:1540 Author:NAKIN

    1. Handling of high viscosity oils, like the gear oil. Our company has specialized in purifying high viscosity oils. Gears below 320 can be processed. Gear oil purifier first heats the high viscosity oil, mainly to reduce the viscosity, and purify it through the filter element of the imported filter material.

    2. Before the oil is filtered, we first observe whether the oil can still flow. If it can still flow, you can also directly use a vacuum oil purifier such as TYA special oil purifier machine. Because the oil is filtered before the vacuum oil purifier will heat the oil and then filter, the viscosity low,and moisture of this oil can be effectively removed, and the high-viscosity oil purifier has good filtering effect.

    3. If the oil is too high viscousity, you can't filter it directly with an oil purifier machine, otherwise your machine may be damage quickly. So what should I do? In fact, you can heat the oil before filtering to a state where it can be pumped into the oil purifier. If there are more impurities in the oil, you can add an additional filter element in the oil purifier to achieve better results. .

    4. If your oil has high viscosity, many impurities, and is very dirty, we can customize a filter cartridge for you separately, and you can also rinse it repeatedly without increasing the cost for changing the filter element. This also has a disadvantage, that is, the filtration accuracy cannot reach the filtration accuracy of the oil purifier. We will try to meet the needs of each customer to achieve the best filtering effect

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