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    Holiday - China new year 2023

    Release time:2023-01-19 Views:1441 Author:NAKIN


    The year 2022 is a difficult year. The international situation is turbulent, and the COVID-19 has caused a downturn in the domestic economy. Because of the covid-19 epidemic repeated outbreaks in 2022, city lockdown, logistics disruptions, the worst extreme drought in a century causing mountain fires, and power outages in enterprises, all makes the operation and production of enterprises have been greatly affected.


    Chongqing NAKIN Electromechanical Co., Ltd. always adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "customer first, quality first". Whether domestic or foreign users, we always think of what customers think, always put customers' requirements first, overcome many difficulties, and deliver each oil purifier equipment with quality and quantity guaranteed.


    The year 2022 has passed, and we usher in a new year 2023. China has gradually stepped out of the haze of the epidemic, and we will eventually overcome the epidemic. In the new year, Chongqing NAKIN Electromechanical Co., Ltd. will work hard to forge ahead and open up a new chapter with customers and friends. We wish our customers and friends in advance: Happy New Year, all the best, and a wide range of financial resources.


    Spring Festival 2023 Chongqing NAKIN Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Holiday time: From January 19, 2023 to January 28, 2023


    24-hour phone number during holidays: Manager Wen 13983479340

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