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    Power plants generally need to use those oil filters

    Release time:2020-06-12 Views:2826 Author:NAKIN


    Power plants, also known as power stations, are mainly enterprises that produce electricity. With the beginning of the industrial revolution and the continuous growth of electricity, people began to propose the idea of establishing an electricity production center. With the advancement of science and technology, there are many methods and technologies for electricity production. Generally, we have seen hydroelectric power stations, thermal power stations, wind power stations, nuclear power stations, and tidal power generation. Regardless of the type of power station, different oil products are needed to provide lubrication protection for the power station equipment. At the same time, power transmission also requires transformer oil. The following are commonly used oil products in power plants:

    1. Diesel fuel is used for ignition and combustion. New power plants consume little, and old power plants consume a lot. Generally need to be equipped with coalescence separation oil filter, precision oil filter.
    2. Turbine turbine oil, mainly used for steam turbine lubrication, large amount. Generally equipped with vacuum turbine oil filter, plate and frame oil filter, coalescence separation oil filter,
    3. N46, 100 N100 mechanical lubricating oil, used for rotating mechanical lubrication, large amount. Generally need to be equipped with lubricating oil filter, lubricating oil vacuum filter
    4. Easter phosphate (EH oil), toxic, non-flammable, small in volume, and expensive. This needs to be equipped with a dedicated anti-fuel filter
    5. Various types of high-viscosity gear oil, used in coal mill gear box. Generally equipped with high viscosity lubricating oil filter.

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