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    High-efficiency transformer oil vacuum oil filter

    Release time:2020-04-09 Views:3206 Author:NAKIN


    There are ordinary models, high-efficiency models and luxury models for filtering oil of transformer oil. The high-efficiency insulating oil vacuum oil filter machine introduced by NAKIN Electromechanical Co., Ltd. adopts a unique three-dimensional compound three-dimensional bulk evaporation technology. Vacuum dehydration and degassing are more than three times that of the ordinary oil filter machine, but the price of the oil filter machine is the same as the ordinary oil filter no difference.

    High-efficiency vacuum oil filter can quickly and effectively remove the harmful components of moisture, impurities, and gases (hydrogen, acetylene, methane, etc.) in the insulating oil under vacuum negative pressure, restore and improve the insulating performance of the insulating oil, and effectively ensure the safety and normality of power equipment run. This machine can also be used for different purposes such as vacuum drying, vacuum oil filling, hot oil circulation, etc. for power equipment such as transformers and capacitors.

    1. Strong impurity removal capacity: ultra-large area cylindrical precision filter element, with high filtration accuracy, large dirt holding capacity, easy installation and replacement. The multi-stage filtration system encrypts and removes the fine particles in the oil step by step, and the magnetic pre-filter at the oil suction port absorbs the metal-containing fine impurities. The filter is equipped with an alarm protection device for filter plug contamination.
    2. Efficient vacuum dehydration and degassing: the use of three-dimensional three-dimensional double flash evaporation technology, the introduction of foreign technology with unique and efficient dehydration, degassing components, and the addition of special vacuum filler to increase the surface area of the oil film, can quickly and effectively separate the water and gas.
    3. Excellent heating system: carbon fiber electric heater with long service life; adopts S-shaped flow oil circuit design, heating no dead oil area, low heating surface load, linear heating, preventing oil cracking, heating evenly.
    4. Automatic control: The whole machine adopts automatic heating constant temperature control, automatic liquid level control of inlet and outlet oil, automatic pressure protection, etc. and excellent configuration to achieve unattended equipment, safe and stable operation.
    5. Safety interlock protection: oil pump, vacuum pump, heater interlock protection, motor overload protection, pipeline oil pressure overpressure protection.
    6. Humanized instructions: automatic design, and instructions such as oil temperature, pressure, vacuum degree, filter element pollution degree, operating status, etc.
    7. Good overall performance: The machine has the advantages of low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high oil filtering efficiency and long service life.
    8. It can be used in conjunction with insulating oil regeneration device, with the effect of decolorizing, deacidifying, deoxidizing and free carbon and other harmful substances, and regenerating old transformer oil.

    It is an efficient and economical type with double-dimensional flash evaporation, which is 3-5 times more efficient than traditional flash vacuum oil filters. Adopt chain protection device, automatic liquid level control system, pressure protection system can realize man-machine separation work, simple operation, safe and reliable. This machine is compact, light and flexible, and easy to move.


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