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    Application of precision oil filter, portable oil filter

    Release time:2020-03-31 Views:2296 Author:NAKIN


    In the use of many industrial equipment, the working conditions are not very harsh, and the emulsification of oil by water is not obvious. At the same time, due to the small amount of hydraulic oil used in small machinery and equipment, generally only about 200-300 liters. However, the impurities generated by mechanical wear during use have a significant impact on the quality and life of mechanical equipment. In this case, using a lightweight, precision oil filter, or small oil filter, because of its low price, Easy to move and does not cause a financial burden on the average enterprise.

    LUC series portable precision oil filter, small oil filter is mainly used for precision filtration of solid impurities such as insulating oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil and so on. It is three-stage filtering, light and flexible, and easy to operate. This machine can also be used for long-distance, high-lift refueling and oil injection. Used in power plants, power stations, power supply bureaus, oil depots, metallurgy, chemicals, railways, machinery, aviation and other industries, for machinery oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, insulating oil, water glycol, diesel, gasoline Transfer of liquid media and simultaneous removal of impurities.

    This oil filter can be equipped with filters with different filtration accuracy and different filtration stages according to customer requirements.

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