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    How to deal with lubricant deterioration and emulsification

    Release time:2019-10-21 Views:1493 Author:NAKIN

    These conditions can cause changes in lubricating oil.

    1. Is it normal for the oil to turn black during the use of lubricating oil?

    Answer: There are three reasons for oil blackening:

    (1) Lubricating oil is deteriorated, (2) Parts are worn, (3) Impurities enter the fuel tank. If no impurities enter the fuel tank during use, it can be considered that the quality of the lubricating oil itself is defective. The brand of the oil should be replaced. It is normal for the rear color to deepen slightly, but it should not become very dark (in addition to the engine oil).

    Second, the old equipment can use worse oil?

    Answer: In general, the wear parts of the equipment are surface-treated, so the surface of the parts is high in hardness and not easy to wear, but the interior of the parts is soft. Some parts of the old equipment have been worn, so it is more likely to use poor lubricants. Accelerates wear of parts. We do not recommend using lower or worse lubricants.

    3. Why can't other oil products replace gear oil?

    Answer: We found that some users use anti-wear hydraulic oil, guide rail oil, turbine oil (turbine oil) or ordinary mechanical oil instead of gear oil. This is incorrect, because the power of the entire machine is transmitted by gear shifting, the meshing line on the gear tooth surface bears a huge load, and requires extreme pressure of the lubricating oil, while other oils do not contain extreme pressure additives. , Can not protect the tooth surface, so it will cause pitting and fracture of the tooth surface.

    4. As long as the viscosity is the same, can different types of gear oils be substituted for each other?

    Answer: No! Both gear oil grades have high and low grades. Heavy-duty gear oil can replace light-load gear oil. On the contrary, it cannot. At present, domestic ordinary gear oils are mostly medium-load or lower gear oils, which are not suitable for high-speed and high-load equipment.

    Fifth, how is the oil whitening caused?

    Answer: Under normal circumstances, oily whitening is caused by water in the oil tank, which is the emulsification phenomenon of lubricants. Water should be prevented from entering the lubricant tank or rainwater into the opened oil drums. In specific operations, the equipment should check whether the oil seal is damaged, check whether there is water in the box when changing the oil, and store the oil barrel in a place sheltered from rain.

    Don't worry if you encounter such a situation, if you are not sure, you can contact us website: www.cqnakin.com  We will answer your doubts.

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